Prepared by Randy Hurst and Pramilla Malick


Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) Is a Maryland based venture capital firm that has a history of securing permits and then flipping a majority share of the asset, usually to GE Capitol.

They plan to build a 650MW power plant in the Town of Wawayanda (TOW) on a 122 acre site, which will include: two 275ft smoke stacks, a compressor station, electrical interconnects, a near million gallon diesel tank, a 15,000 gallon ammonia tank, a GIS building, and a 7 mile lateral pipeline that will connect to the Millennium Pipeline in Minisink;  All highly volatile and toxic facilities prone to leaks and explosions.

This would be built in a pristine area on protect farmland, through 60 acres of federally designated wetlands, and known endangered species habitat; would destroy a historic site and a native burial ground; adjacent to a public housing project, and close to residential communities and schools.

The Department of Environmental Conservation, (DEC) allowed the TOW to assume lead agency for the review of this project, which has issued all approvals through a faulty SEQR process

The location was targeted in 2005, 2006 they began the permitting process, 2008 the first scoping meeting was held, in 2014 the last permit was issued by the Public Service Commission (PSC)

They are now trying to secure financing through a long term Power Purchase Agreement with NYS.

CPV and their agents are one of the largest donors to Cuomo and in NYS in general.

Most of our local and state elected officials have supported this project

CPV asserts that this is needed to close Indian Point. Though NYS does not use most of IPs power.

CPV identifies impact radius as 5 miles. Standard air modeling analysis says that it would be at least 30 miles for direct impacts,(likely double due to our topography)  and hundreds of miles for indirect.  Only residents living within 500 feet were directly notified; that was in 2013.

This is greenfield site.  Once it becomes a brownfield site it will justify further expansion.

Iroquois pipeline has already  proposed connecting to it.

The City of Middletown has signed a contract to give CPV at least 360,000 gallons per a day of water and then allow them to dump their wastewater into the city’s Sewer Treatment Plant.

The Walkill river aquifer is a Sole Source Aquifer that serves about 40,000 people in Orange County NY and northern NJ.




The plant will emit 2.1 million tons of CO2e, that is equivalent to 210 coal trains, and is .037 % of the entire U.S. CO2e emissions. 

The plant will emit  750 tons of VOCs, NOx, SOx, PM 10, PM 2.5, UFPM,  and Formaldehyde. All are known carcinogens, neurotoxins, and endocrine disruptors.

PM 2.5 and UFPM are very dangerous because they enter deep in the lungs and penetrate the blood stream.  Orange County is a nonattainment area for ozone and PM. 

Ozone has been known to decrease crop production by as much as 30%. The plant will likely impact the Black Dirt region, a world famous mineral rich formation derived from an ancient glacial lake. It is the home to many of our organic farms, specialty farms, and vineyards

CPV failed to identify hotspots.  Hotspots are locations where the emissions impact would be double because of topography and wind patterns.

CPV purchased ERCs to offset their emissions. From as far away as PA and LI, none were local. The emissions credits mask the actual emissions of the plants.

The soup-bowl formation of our valley as well as temperature inversions will hold pollutants in the area.

NAAQS  (National Ambient Air Quality Standards) are averaged over one year. For some pollutants there are 24 hours and 8 hours limits.  But even these are averaged. This does not count for episodic emissions of high concentration exposure

This is not your grandfather’s gas.  It is highly corrosive and radioactive. According to Martin Resnikoff , Marcellus Shale gas is 70 times more radioactive than conventional gas. This plant will become a source of radioactivity. 

The Power plant will have 43 times the emissions as the Minisink Compressor station.  Minisink has already reported an increase in health symptoms similar to symptoms reported in frack fields.  Governor Cuomo banned fracking in NY citing health risks.



This plant can easily become a terrorist target.

The project will build a near million gallon back up diesel tank, with only a 10 percent buffer. TOG asserts this is not enough to prevent spills.

The project includes a 15,000-gallon ammonia tank at 19% concentration.  When ammonia at a 20% concentration is stored, the Clean Air Act and federal regulations require that a catastrophic release model be developed. . Inhalation of ammonia can be fatal.

Millennium Pipeline will build and operate the 7mile lateral.  They have a poor safety record.  NiSource parent company owns the pipeline that exploded in Sissonville WV. Minisink has already had several incident reports of leaks and odors at their compressor station.

A geologist has written a report identifying an earthquake fault line going through the property. Neither TOW nor CPV has responded to this report.


Ø  CPV ‘s reps, lawyers and consultants have worked the system and obtained the necessary approvals and permits to construct the plant but financing remains uncertain and the project is not inevitable.

Ø  To support CPV’s endeavors to secure investor financing, the OCIDA approved a Property Purchase/Lease /Buy Back agreement, mortgage and sales tax exemptions, a property tax abatement or PILOT, which shifts the tax burden and places financial risk on taxpayers. 

Ø  As reported in the TH-Record, the NYISO realignment of electrical power “Capacity Zones” in the HV to subsidize power plants, approved by FERC, has resulted in a 5% or 6% rate increase for residential ratepayers in Orange and 9 other upstate counties; business and industrial rates have gone up by 10% and could increase up to 25% but this change does not benefit the upstate counties.

Ø  Point is taxpayers and ratepayers will subsidize CPV and other power plants (such as Danskammer and Cricket Valley).

Ø  The Capacity Zone change occurred despite the fact that there are 4 proposals under review by the NYPSC to facilitate the transmission of less expensive Canadian Hydro and upstate NY Wind, Solar and natural gas energy to the downstate region.

Ø  Most of the power plants in the HV including Indian Point’s nuclear plant are operating well below capacity, at about 43%.

Ø  There is no need for the electricity CPV will generate and that is a key reason why CPV needs a Power Purchase Agreement with NYPA.

Ø  As Climate Change accelerates governments all over the world at every level will be forced to transition to Renewable Energy and the transition has already begun but time is running out.

CPV negates the consideration of developing renewable energy technology, which is currently feasible, economically viable and, in the long run, much more cost effective providing high paying sustainable jobs in the process.


Contact Information for Politicians Representing Orange County, NY and Messages  for them

***New York Governor Andrew Cuomo  

(No PPA, RESCIND OR SUSPEND PERMITS, what happened to the Department of Health Review, Why are we being sacrificed.  If fracking is not safe then how is this power plant safe?)
Fax:(518) 474-3767                        Tel:(518) 474-8390 
gov.cuomo@chamber.state.ny.us     web: http://www.state.ny.us/governor

Senator John J. Bonacic  


District Office 1         Phone: (607) 746-6675

 District Office 2         Phone: (845) 344-3311

 Albany Office Phone: (518) 455-3181      Email: bonacic@nysenate.gov


Assemblyman James Skoufis 99th

(WHAT IS THE CLIMATE CHANGE IMPACT OF THIS PROJECT, We need the promised Department of Health review using the latest science.)
845-469-6929          Fax: 845-469-0914

 Assemblyman James Skoufis (Continued)

Albany Office
518-455-5441          Email: SkoufisJ@assembly.state.ny.us



845-291-2700          Email: ceoffice@orangecountygov.com


Town of Wawayanda Supervisor John Razzano

(suspend all permits, demand a supplemental EIS, protect our ecological and cultural resources, protect our health and safety)

 (845) 355-5700, Option 4                        fax: (845) 355-8614            Email: supervisor_way@yahoo.com


***Mayor of Middletown

Joeseph DeStefano


How will our water supply and water quality be protected? Why did you waive their zoning variance requirement?  What about the water going from the STP to the Walkill River? Suspend permits and protect our health and safety.