December 2015 – PHV’s Article 78 and its Memorandum of Law in support of the Article 78. 

These were the filings in the Supreme Court of NYS, County of Orange, by which PHV began its lawsuits against the Town of Monroe for its approval of the 164 acre annexation of town of Monroe land into the village of Kiryas Joel, the village of Kiryas Joel for its approval of both the 164 acre and the 507 annexations, and the landowners who submitted the annexation petitions.  These briefs also included the NYS DEC for its decision to award the village of KJ lead agency status for the required SEQR review.

March 2016 – PHV’s Reply Memorandum of Law and the 4 affidavits.

These legal briefs were filed in response to the defendants' reply filings to PHV’s December 2015 Article 78 and the Memorandum of Law.