Who Will Stand Up For the Land?

Who is going to stand up and prevent the 507 acre annexation of Monroe land into Kiryas Joel?  First, the grassroots organization United Monroe led the charge, raised funds and retained a law firm.  Now, Preserve Hudson Valley, the non profit, has been created to take on the legal fight and stand up for the environment. 

If annexed into the Village of Kiryas Joel, the 507 acres will immediately be rezoned for urban development.  Kiryas Joel leaders themselves have acknowledged that 8,550 units will likely be built on this land.  Multiply 8,550 units by 6 people (the average size of a Kiryas Joel family) and you get 51,300 people.  

What does an increase in population of 51,300 mean?

Well, it means a severe increase in air pollution, the devastation of the current wetlands, the clear-cutting of countless trees and the utter destruction of the wildlife habitat to make way for mass development of high-density housing. This can not be overlooked, and we must together stand up for the land. 

Also, it means that a third of that 51,300 (the adults) will be voting in your school board elections. If this land is annexed into Kiryas Joel, the boundary of the Monroe Woodbury School District does NOT automatically shift.  This means that if the annexation is approved, approximately 17,100 Kiryas Joel residents will be voting in MW School Board elections.

In addition to the taxes, traffic, water usage, sewer capacity, dropping home values and severe environmental issues which should be of grave concern to all residents of our region, you really can't afford to not get involved in this fight.

We have a strong legal case against this illegal land grab by the Kiryas Joel leaders. We can only continue the fight with your help. 

Kiryas Joel leaders, or the KJPE (Kiryas Joel Power Elite), in their own publication called "Hakiryah" have stated that they will be taking 300 acres from Woodbury next.  This is not just a Monroe issue.  This is a county issue and this land grab, if approved, will set a precedent for other large scale land grabs by the Kiryas Joel leaders.  The time to act is now.