Preserve Hudson Valley is a grassroots not-for-profit organization. We operate entirely on donations from people like you. Engaging in legal battles is costly and most of our opponents are well-funded. Our opponents would like to see our funds depleted in court battles and therefore, our obstruction to their plans disappear. We cannot, and will not, let them win with this tactic. Your donation is an opportunity to stand up to self-serving organizations who make decisions affecting our region for their own profit, carelessly sacrificing quality of life for the rest of us and our future generations.




Preserve Hudson Valley is made up of regular citizens with jobs and families. We devote much of our free time to the issues that Preserve Hudson Valley aims to rectify and we could always use your help! If you wish to volunteer with Preserve Hudson Valley please contact us. 



Awareness is everything. Telling your family and friends about Preserve Hudson Valley and our mission is extremely important and helpful. When you are out around town, or anywhere in the region, make sure to spread the word. Forward our newsletter emails, re-tweet our tweets, share our blog posts, friend us on Facebook; all of these actions are a display of support.